Emerging Contractor’s Program

Underwriting for this program is based on business and personal credit reports and past job experience. All bonds will be underwritten by your local Allstar branch allowing you to deal directly with the decision maker. Allstar Surety has the expertise and programs to suit your contractor’s bond needs. There is no need to worry if there is a last-minute increase in bid amount, as Allstar has the flexibility to consider bonds over the $350,000 cap on a case-by-case basis.

Program Parameters   Submission Should Include
  • Limits are $350,000 single bond/$500,000 bonded aggregate
  • Maximum of 3 open bonded jobs
  • Project duration under 18 months
  • 2 year maximum warranty/maintenance term
  • Principal must be in business for at least one full fiscal year
  • Fully completed and signed Emerging Contractor’s Application
  • Current fiscal year end tax return and/or CPA financial
  • For corporation or business
  • Certificate of Insurance

If a contractor does not qualify for bonds under the Emerging Contractors Program, Allstar Surety can consider bonding through our specialty programs.

Our goal is to provide principals and agents with the opportunity to grow with Allstar Surety and qualify for increased limits based on additional underwriting information. This will give principals a "head start" by qualifying them for bonds in the Emerging Contractor’s Program.


FIND A LOCAL UNDERWRITER Emerging Contractor's Application