Picture this: Your company has been entrusted to clean an office space with lots of glass art on tables and in display cases. One false move, and that expensive item crashes to the ground. Is it the end of the world? No, but it may be the end of your business relationship with your client and possibly a huge strain on finances as you pay to replace or repair the damaged goods.


How can you protect yourself from this all-too-real scenario? By purchasing a janitorial bond. It’s inexpensive and covers a number of potential threats to the health of your business, including:

  • If an employee steals from your client*;

  • If you have gaps in coverage that would require you to pay out of pocket;

  • If an employee breaks your client’s items;

In addition, having this protection in place can give you that extra competitive edge in the bidding process, which could tip the scales your way when all other factors are even. Knowing that you are covered with a janitorial bond can also give you peace of mind as your business grows.

Finally, these bonds are relatively inexpensive, depending on how many employees you have and type of coverage you choose. A small investment could pay out big dividends when you need it the most.

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*This bond contains a conviction clause; the employee must be convicted before coverage will apply.


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